Infrared Sauna Reviews – Two Models That Bring The Heat

Apr 22

Infrared saunas have become more popular as people learn about their distinct advantages over traditional saunas.

These health benefits stem from using far infrared radiation to heat the body directly rather than heating the air in the sauna to raise the body temperature.

The result is that the heat can be more efficiently transferred and penetrated deep into your tissues and muscles while improving your comfort.

Since these units are not cheap – it’s important to conduct reviews.

Here are two models from the same company that have very positive feedback.

The Vital Saunas 2-Person Hemlock isĀ  popular, well priced and has great reviews. This device is powered by 7 different carbon heater elements which generate up to 1725 watts of heat.

The maximum temperature achieved by this unit is between 127 & 141 degrees Fahrenheit. This model is spacious with interior dimensions of 43 inches in width, 35 inches in depth, and 67 inches in height.

As such, it is perfect for two people to relax comfortably while discussing the events of the day. The device features interior and exterior digital controls for the heat settings and duration. It also features a full sound system with a radio, CD player, speakers, and an auxiliary jack to hook in your MP3 player.

This model also has a couple of other extra features.

It has a Chromotherapy light to give additional benefits to sitting in the sauna. Chromotherapy has been shown to help to improve a person’s mood by exposing them to a certain frequency of light.

This unit also features an oxygen ionizer. This can be useful in helping to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in a space that can can become very humid from body sweat.

Vital saunas make all different sizes. I have heard that a two person is by far the most popular.

They also have two different versions: Their Elite model is made from Red Cedar – it will run you a few hundred dollars more. Then there’s the Premier – it’s made of Hemlock which is a very durable wood.

For those people who want a small sauna:

Vital saunas one person Elite is a great choice.

This unit is smaller with a footprint of 36 inches wide by 36 inches deep by 75 inches tall. As such it only holds one person comfortably. It is powered by six different carbon heaters which generate up to 1230 watts of heat.

They utilize the correct micron wavelength frequency which are specifically most beneficial to the human body.

They have also been designed to minimize the electromagnetic frequency exposure to the body. Also known as low EMF levels.

This sauna features an ergonomic backrest to ensure a comfortable experience for you.

It also comes standard with a quality CD player, radio, speakers, and an auxiliary input for an MP3 player as with the previously mentioned model.

This sauna comes with recessed lighting inside to facilitate reading while relaxing in the heat. This model is made of premium Red Cedar wood and features digital temperature controls both inside and out.

If you want to be able to sit back and relax while getting the helpful benefits of this technology, consider reviewing the Vital Saunas company. The models mentioned above have great customer reviews and can help you in your quest to live a more balanced and healthy life. In fact, this web site has more details about the different things to watch out for when doing different infrared sauna reviews and comparisons.

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